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Professional Journey

Welcome! I'm an Associate Professor of Computer Architecture at the German International University, Berlin, and a pioneering force behind the intersection of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the realm of Information and Electronics Technology (IET). With a passion for the Internet of Things (IoT) that has taken me from the classrooms and labs of the German University in Cairo to leading-edge research and entrepreneurial ventures in Cairo and beyond, my journey is defined by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. As the founder of groundbreaking labs and recipient of prestigious awards, including the Best Digital Solutions Provider of 2023 in africa, my career is a testament to the transformative power of technology. my mission is to empower the next generation of engineers and thinkers, guiding over 300 undergraduate projects to fruition and mentoring advanced degree candidates. Dive into my world, where technology meets ambition, and discover the impact of our shared future.


About Me.


  • Associate Prof. of Computer Architecture, Information and Electronics Technology (IET), German International University, Berlin, Germany.

  • Associate Professor, Electronics/Networks Departments, German University in Cairo (GUC).

  • Program Director, Information and Electronics Technology (IET), German International University, Berlin, Germany. 

  • Vice Dean of Student Affairs (Term ended at Feb. 2023), Information and Electronics Technology (IET), German University in Cairo (GUC), Cairo, Egypt.

  • Established and Headed GIU Berlin IoT Prototyping Lab & GUC Cairo IoT Lab

  • Founder and Managing Director of Smart Solutions for Technology Management (SSTM Egypt), Cairo, Egypt.

  • SSTM was Awarded as Best Digital Solutions Provider 2023 – Egypt, African Excellence Awards 2023 (IOT Section)

  • Co-Founder and CTO of Innova Integrated Automation Solutions, Cairo, Egypt.

  • Contributed to the development of a wide array of IoT and AI solutions across industrial and academic sectors.


  • M. Sc and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (2001, 2005) 

  • Information Technology Institute (ITI) Graduate Diploma in Network Programming (1998).

  • IEEE Senior Member since 2014.


  • Main Research Interests

    • Internet of Things

    • IOT Security & Applications.

    • Digitalization & Digital Twinning

    •  IP Watermarking

    • System-on-A-Chip Design and Verification

    • Functional Verification Techniques, Tools, and Languages.

    • Security Protocols Verification

  • Publications (38+ refereed publications)



Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

PhD. in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

MSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Information Technology Institute (ITI), Cairo, Egypt.

Network Programming Diploma


Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

B. Eng. Electronics & Communication Engineering


Abstract Lights


Pioneering IoT Solutions with SSTM Egypt

As the Founder and Managing Director of SSTM Egypt since 2016, I've steered the company to the forefront of IoT innovation, establishing it as a leader in industry-grade solutions. Our dedication to R&D, in collaboration with multinational organizations, has set new standards in the IoT ecosystem, from machine-to-machine communications to comprehensive platform support. SSTM Egypt's hallmark lies in its ability to tailor custom solutions across the entire value chain, ensuring operational excellence and technological advancement.

IoTik: IoT Education and Innovation

In my journey to democratize IoT for learners and innovators alike, IoTik emerged as a groundbreaking training kit designed to lower the entry barrier to IoT technology. Designed as an intuitive training kit, it bridges the gap between theory and practice, making IoT accessible to everyone from students to professionals. With a no-code, plug-and-play approach, IoTik enables users to dive straight into creating real-world IoT solutions, from smart homes to environmental monitoring. This kit, packed with sensors and actuators, embodies my vision of hands-on learning, empowering users to explore, innovate, and transform ideas into tangible impacts. Through IoTik, we're not just exploring technology; we're shaping the future of IoT innovation.

CoolTeck: Pioneering Energy Efficiency

Our first developed product, CoolTeck, redefines energy-efficient cooling technologies. By integrating IoT for intelligent monitoring and control, CoolTeck stands as a beacon of innovation in smart energy solutions. The product’s journey from concept to market, coupled with strategic marketing and partnerships, has not only cemented its place in the industry but also highlighted our capabilities in product development and commercialization. Being a finalist in the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab 2018 further validates our approach and commitment to excellence in IoT applications.

IoTPiA: Unleashing Creativity with Versatility

IoTPiA is a testament to my belief in the transformative power of IoT. As a pioneering platform, it’s designed to unleash the potential of SMEs and startups by simplifying the development of IoT applications. With support for over 70 sensors and actuators, IoTPiA offers unparalleled versatility, allowing users to experiment and innovate across a wide range of use cases. This platform reflects my commitment to making IoT technology not only accessible but also adaptable to various creative and practical needs. IoTPiA is about turning complex concepts into intuitive, impactful solutions, encouraging a wave of innovation that's as diverse as the array of sensors and actuators it supports. Through IoTPiA, we're opening doors to endless possibilities in IoT development, inviting everyone to join in the journey of discovery and creation.

Empowering through IoT and Robotics Labs

The establishment and leadership of the GIU Berlin IoT Prototyping Lab and the GUC Cairo IoT Lab signify a major leap in IoT education and research. These labs, along with the Cyber-physical and Robotics Lab at GIU Berlin, serve as hubs of innovation, facilitating over 60 diverse projects that range from sensor networks to wearable technologies and advanced robotics. By equipping these labs with cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and fostering collaborations with industry, we’ve created ecosystems where theoretical knowledge is seamlessly translated into practical, impactful solutions. This environment not only advances the field of IoT and robotics but also prepares the next generation of engineers and innovators for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Revolutionary AirZZenn Project

Our AirZZenn project has set new standards in environmental health monitoring by developing a wearable IoT device that provides real-time air quality data, ensuring ovr 5 days of operation on a single charge. This innovation not only caters to health and environmental sectors but also places us at the forefront of wearable IoT technology. 

Academic Roles & Achievements

Associate Prof. of Computer Architecture, Program Director

Information and Electronics Technology (IET), German International University, Berlin, Germany

Vice Dean of Student Affairs,

Information and Electronics Technology (IET), German University in Cairo (GUC), Cairo, Egypt.

Participated and Achieved Dual accreditation of IET programs.  Our IET Programs were accredited unconditionally by ACQUIN program accreditation until 2024 as well as getting the Egyptian Governmental accreditation.

To Be Continued Shorltyyyy

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